22 August 2011

Stonewall Kitchens Gluten Free Brownies

A few months ago my husband brought home a box mix of gluten free brownies as a treat for me. I've had them in the cupboard waiting for a reason to make them and today was the day. I finished a big freelance design project yesterday and felt like celebrating and my teeth were aching from a braces adjustment. Brownies seemed like the perfect treat.

I have to say, these are the best, bar none, gluten free brownies I have ever tasted. They may be the best brownies of any kind I have ever tasted. If you see these in the store, try them. They are made by Stonewall Kitchens.


Mark Martin said...

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Lee Larossier said...

2Terrific website with so much delicious information. As a gluten-free follower for several yearsI am happy to come across your blog. Thanks so much.

jackjack said...

Nice post, love the way you describe each and every aspect. Just perfect for anyone's kitchen. I must say this.