29 January 2014

Baking with Teff Flour

Oatmeal Teff Chocolate Chip Cookies
Someone on Twitter was asking about using Teff as a gluten free grain and it reminded me of these cookies.  I haven't made them in awhile and won't be making any cookies anytime soon because I am avoiding sugar and refined flours right now (more about that later).  But the question about teff made me remember how caramel-like and good these cookies were.

I have mostly used teff flour for baking, when i want that caramel flavor and a whole grain.  I have never cooked with whole teff before.  Someone on Twitter was saying that people are talking about teff as the new quinoa.  Anyone else have experience with it?

As I mentioned, I am avoiding sugar at the moment.  I am doing the Fast Metabolism Diet.  I did the first 28 days, starting on December 30 and lost 8 lbs.  Have lost another pound now and hopeful it will continue.  I was trying everything (including going vegan or partially vegan) without success until I tried this program.  You can read more about it here.  There are three phases to the diet each week.  Phase 1 is high carb, moderate protein and no added fat.  Phase 2 is high protein, vegetables and no grains or fruit or added fat.  Phase 3 adds back in healthy fats and some grains and fruit.  It is two days on phase 1, two on Phase 2 and 3 days on Phase 3.  If you start on a Monday, it means your weekends are pretty good.  Exercise is geared toward the phases.  Cardio in Phase 1, strengthening in Phase 2 and stretching or yoga in Phase 3.  The only phase I do not like is Phase 2.  I am ok with protein and veggies but the lack of fat kills me.  Also, it is so low carb on those 2 days that you cannot even have tomatoes.

Other things that are not allowed at all on the program are: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, wheat, corn or soy or artificial sweeteners.  Only Stevia and Xylitol are allowed.  Most of this is ok with me as going without caffeine or alcohol is better for me anyway given the headaches and I am already avoiding wheat.  It is not forever anyway.  Once I lose all the weight I want to lose, I can loosen it up a bit.  The recipes in the book and in the companion cookbook are wonderful and I have several new favorite dishes.  The best ones are the soups and stews.  My husband loves the Coconut Curry Chicken in Phase 3 served over quinoa.

Best news about the diet is that all the sugar cravings disappeared along with the post holiday weight.  Try it if you think you need to re-set your metabolism.

Karen, herself