21 February 2010

Back on track

Finally got fed up with all the sugar crashes I was having, especially during exercise so as much fun as it was baking gluten free scones and bread, I am back to basics and really working the balance between my proteins, carbs and fats.

I've been struggling to lose about 10 lbs. since returning from a cruise over a year ago and keep getting waylaid by sugar crashes. Decided to go back to what the nutritionist said last year and am eating more food (sorry, Weight Watchers, but your points allowance for me is too low) protein and a little more fat and cutting back some on the carbs. The thing is, I am only eating a little less carb at meals and making sure they are whole grains or starchy vegetables or fruit. I aim for 30g at most meals unless it is right before our Naginata class, in which case I bump it up to 40-45g. If I then eat 3 oz. of protein, some vegetables, and a little high quality fat, I am ok and I don't crash during practice. Which is good.

An added benefit is that I am not so tired, I am not hungry all the time in between meals and I no longer crave sweets after meals. I am back to losing instead of gaining weight, but only a half a pound a week. It's better than gaining or staying the same so I am hanging in there. I am also hoping that it has a positive effect on my headaches—in other words to have fewer of them.

Sample Sunday lunch is featured in the photo: 2-egg omelette with neufchatel cheese, leftover roasted potatoes and eggplant, mushrooms and asparagus sauteed in butter and olive oil. Photo courtesy of my new Nikon 5000!! Yay!

With the new camera I am hoping to be posting more often and with better results.

Karen, herself