02 January 2010

Gluten Free Spinach Quiche

Yesterday I thawed a homemade frozen gluten-free pate brisée and make a spinach quiche with it for dinner. I was once again inspired by Julia Child and used a combination of her recipes for quiche...the Quiche Lorraine (bacon, no cheese) and the spinach quiche (cheese, shallots and spinach). My version had bacon, spinach, shallots and cheese. Of course much butter and cream was involved as well.

It made me so happy to be making this again. I realized that I had not made a quiche in close to twenty years. More importantly, I do not think I have eaten quiche since going gluten free three years ago...not with crust and everything anyway. It was heavenly. Again I must thank Jules Gluten Free Flour for the light and fluffy crust...and all that butter.

I did in fact try making french bread with Jules’ flour and it tasted good, but didn’t totally bake in the center and was incredibly hard on the outside. Too hard for me and my TMJ so I tried toasting it and it did soften up enough to eat. Now the plan is to to try french bread with another flour mixture and see if that is better.

Monday we go back to less rich food, but for now we are indulging. Tonight it is braised veal chops, canellini beans with spinach and sauteed red cabbage.

Happy New Year!
Karen, herself

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