16 September 2009

Open Face Breakfast Panini

one slice gluten-free sandwich bread
garlic clove (optional)
olive oil
2 oz. roasted chicken
1/2 oz. goat cheese or other mild cheese
peach slices
lettuce or spinach, arugula, etc.

Had the best breakfast today. I wanted a high-protein start to my day and had some roasted chicken thighs left over from a previous night’s dinner. I also had some delicious gluten-free sandwich bread I got from PCC Market the other day: Angeline’s Gluten-free White Rice Bread. I didn't feel like making a real panini which would involve getting out a skillet and rubbing garlic and olive oil on the bread and toasting it in a grill pan, so I just toasted it in my toaster and then drizzled olive oil on it. I was so excited about the whole idea of my creation that I forgot the garlic! I used Olivier’s Lemon Olive Oil, then put some organic lettuce on the toast, then shredded about 2 oz. of the chicken and put it on top of the lettuce, then the peach slices and topped it with a bit of goat cheese. Yum.

Just had to share this. Try it.

Karen, herself


info said...

Hi Karen!
I'm from The Netherlands (Europe) and also coping with serious migraine and intollerance for carbs. Actually, I'm insuline resistant.
Overhere in Holland there's not that much information about the link between both subjects so I'm loving your blog. Thank you so much for sharing and keep on writing!

Karen said...

Thanks for your comment! It is good to know that my musings are helping someone.